1) Board governance practices for corporate board of directors;

2) Governance and the unique issues of Indignenous boards;

3) Accountability, ethics, and sound management practices;

4) International economic development;

5) Cross Cultural Communications and international realtions;

6) Business continuity (pandemic and disaster management planning), and;

7) Culture and Arts preservation

I am a professor at Carleton University and the CEO of the Global Governance Group a consulting firm dedicated to good governance practices to organizations. I work closely with Indigenous boards and their unique situations with government relations. I am also working with several Indigenous communities internationally in the area of economic development and corporate relations. I hold a PhD at Carleton/ Trent University, Masters in Anthropology and two bachelor's degrees (Psychology and Anthropology).

My current research is in Agritourism in Northern Italy, economic development in Thailand's southern region and I am currently involved in an Ethics survey on corporate governance. My overal areas of specialty are;

I am a graduate of the The Directors College holding a certification as a Chartered Director. I currently sit as a Board Trustee (Governor in Council position) for the Canadian Museum of History and the Canadian War Museum. I also sit on the board of directors for Indigenous Culture and Media Technologies and Chair of FirstPlan Pension and Benefits board of directors.

Past positions included:
Co-Chair of Carleton University Aboriginal Education Council.
Member of the Carleton University Senate Finance Review Committee.
Past Chair and Board Member, Aboriginal Financial Officers Association.
Past Vice Chair of The Canada Dance Festival Association.
Advisory and member, Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Council.
Past Chair of the Council on Corporate Aboriginal Relations.
Past Co-Chair of the Public Enterprise Governance Centre.
Past Chair of the Pandemic Preparedness Working Group.
Past Ethics Officer for Public Works and Government Services Canada.
Member of the University of Toronto's Joint Centre for Bio-Ethics.
Member of the Deputy Minister of Health's Private Sector Working Group on Pandemics.

Previously to joining Carleton University, I was a senior manager at the Conference Board of Canada