1) Board governance practices for corporate board of directors;

2) Governance and the unique issues of Aboriginal boards;

3) Accountability, ethics, and sound management practices;

4) Aboriginal economic development,;

5) Creating wealth and opportunities in Aboriginal communities;

6) Business continuity (pandemic and disaster management planning), and;

7) Culture and Arts preservation

I am currently the CEO of the Global Governance Group a consulting firm dedicated to good governance practices to organizations. I am currently working closely with Aboriginal boards and their unique situation in Canada. I am also working with several Aboriginal communities in the area of economic development and corporate relations. I am a candidate for my PhD at Carleton University in Canadian Studies focusing on Aboriginal relations and Aboriginal Board governance. My work includes several research areas such as;

I am also a graduate of the The Directors College for a certification as a Chartered Board of Directors. This program is designed for directors who already serve on a board, or candidates who intend to serve on a board of directors who want to master the structure and dynamics of corporate governance. This program and my work at the Conference Board has given me an excellent background and practical experience in corporate governance.


I currently sit on the Board of Directors for the Canada Dance Festival, the Carleton Faculty Board in the school of Canadain Studies and sit on the CanPrep Bio-Ethics group at the Joint Centre for Bioethics at the University of Toronto. I am also a member of the Deputy Minister of Health's private sector pandemic working group.

Previously to joining the Board, I was a senior manager at the
Conference Board of Canada (a think tank that is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to researching and analyzing economic trends, as well as organizational performance and public policy issues). I am also the former Ethics Officer for Public Works and Government Services Canada. In a post Gomery world, this was certainly a challenge. I am also the past chair of the Council on Corporate Aboriginal Relations, past chair of the Pandemic Preparedness Working Group and past co-chair of the Public Enterprise Governance Centre a forum for Board of Directors from Canadian crown corporations in Canada.